Learning anatomy drawing is important. Period. Whatever you plan to draw and however you plan to draw it you need to have an idea of what it actually looks like, practice in realism, before you plan to move on to creative interpretation.

Here are examples of all different kinds of athletic body types to illustrate the importance of knowing what sort of “built” look you will need to go for when drawing and designing a character. Not all fit is the same fit and it is so hard to find adequate variety when looking for references. These were linked by a talented comic artist Nina Matsumoto. Here site can be found here http://ninamatsumoto.wordpress.com/

A good sampling of her art can be found here http://spacecoyote.deviantart.com/



Listen Closely As This California Forest Falls Eerily Quiet Over 10 Years

"Does the sound of the forest change over time?

Bernie Krause knows.

The expert bio-acoustician has spent decades recording natural sounds all over the world, including one particular section of forest between Napa and Sonoma valleys.

Over a ten year stretch, from 2004 to 2014, he’s noticed a major change in the biophony of the section of forest where he records.

Listen in to hear the startling changes.”

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